Roxanne Thibault

Un, deux, trois, feux! Le cycle des fleurs démontré


Acrylic and oil on canvas

Original work
40.64 x 50.80 cm

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219, rue Heriot, Drummondville

Description of the work

Roxanne Thibault explores abstraction in painting. In her practice, her formal work centres around the canvas, from which the meaning then freely appears. The title Un, deux, trois, feux! Le cycle des fleurs démontré [One, two, three, fire! Demonstrating the cycle of flowers] arose once the work was completed, like a narrative that emerges before the artist’s eyes and slowly begins to recount the story on the canvas.

Roxanne Thibault lets her instinctive gestures invest the pictorial space in which lines, colours and shapes spontaneously assemble. She also cultivates a certain tension between the abstract image and its possible references in reality. Here, by virtue of their familiar shape or aspect, elements of the composition draw on our memories and cause our own intuitions to bubble up. Reviving known codes and symbols, the title also tends to suggest possible emotions—a certain movement—and summons us through play.

Roxanne Thibault

About the artist

Born in Drummondville, Roxanne Thibault currently lives and works in Montréal. The young emerging artist studied visual and media arts at l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts (concentration in drawing and painting) from Concordia University in 2018. Nominated for a BMO 1st Art! award, she was the winner of the Momentum competition presented by RBC, the Fondation des artistes and Mentorly, which enabled her to enrol in a mentorship program for emerging artists. Her work was featured at the Art Matters festival and in a number of independent group exhibition in Montréal.

Artistic approach

Abstraction game

Through her approach, Roxanne Thibault focuses on exploring the expressive and narrative possibilities of abstraction in painting. She delves into spontaneous gesture and the automatist work of shapes, colours and lines as she gives free reign to her intuitions about the canvas space. Her artistic practice looks to experimentation and leaves significant space for the reflexes that drive her creativity.

Roxanne Thibault’s work also involves the interplay between the abstract and references to elements of reality. Her paintings are animated by the dynamic tension between what the eye and mind seem to recognize and what appears to be pure abstraction. In her own words: “The multiple improvised forms become evocations of what is real—places from where ideas and questions on our own perceptive experience surge.” Slowly, a vocabulary a mix of familiar and unfamiliar elements that is almost figurative arises.

The artist currently dedicates her practice to painting, mainly oil and acrylic on canvas or paper. In her serial work, she creates works that centre around shapes, colours or gestures. Through her paintings, which are generally small format, she brushes elements that she repeats, revisits and alters, exploring their different angles to derive and discover every possibility. Spontaneously and initially more quickly and automatically, she then takes a step back to let time and reflection do their work. By pausing the creative gesture, she then returns to the work more consciously and mindfully.

Her most recent series tend to reveal Roxanne Thibault’s growing interest in lines and shapes that recall natural motifs and flowers in particular.

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